Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday roundup II: Remaining deluge

  • Politicians

    • The Democratic City Committee in Philadelphia thought long and hard, and then endorsed all the incumbents for City Council. Yawn. [Also noted here, Common Pleas candidate Dan Anders was just appointed by Rendell to fill a seat that just opened up, reducing that crowded field by one.]

    • AAJane notes that Dwight Evans is having another online teleconference tonight, for any who'd like to ask the mayoral candidate some questions.

    • The Inquirer offers a roundup of votes by regional representatives in the US Congress, on issues including represenation for the District of Columbia, withdrawel from Iraq, and other business.

    • The Inquirer offers highlight some candidates for the two Supreme Court openings.

    • In related news, the Inky and DN boards team up to offer a Common Pleas candidate forum this Friday at the Convention Center. Pre-registration required.

  • Ordinary news

    • The Inquirer looks at transportation congestion in all modes of transportation, and suggests that some big changes are needed to keep us moving.

    • The Philadelphia Library system has had the same head for some 20 years, and now he's moving on, leaving a much improved infrastructure in his wake (but, of course, Things Still To Do).

    • A YPP poster offers some intriguing data concerning unemployment in Philadelphia, the state, and the nation -- make sure to check out the additional graphs he pulls out as the discussion progresses. What to make of it all (e.g., for the likely impact of local tax tweaks) is harder to say...

    • City cops may be watching speeds on Roosevelt Boulevard more closely now that they've handed off some of their highway responsibilities to state patrol forces.

    • Prediction of things to come? PA slot parlors to include video poker and other virtual table games...

    • Michael Smerconish is hitting the airwaves, taking the place of ousted Imus. D-Mac watches the first broadcast so you don't have to. Better yet, he unearths a photo of Smerconish with hair, just for the perverse amusement of it all.

  • Around the opinions

    • Editorial | Creating Summer Jobs
      It's a crime-fighting tool. It's an economic development strategy. It's a way to give the city's young people the opportunities they deserve.
    • Opinion: Philadelphia tour guides should be educated, tested and licensed. Apparently they're actually *taught* the made-up factoids.

    • Tom Ferrick imagines a working city government that actually takes care of the needs of its residents, with or without their having strings to pull. The ideas he cites are being heard from several of the top City Council challengers (as well as incumbent Kenny, to give credit where it's due); perhaps it's time to let some new blood into City Hall.


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