Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday roundup I: Things mayoral

  • The Inquirer had a lengthy piece on Sunday about how the specter of Knox is electrifying (and terrifying) the other mayoral candidates. Their ads are starting to slight him, and several of them took jabs in the second mayoral debate.

  • Chris Satullo added to this a musing on how reformers may learn the law of unintended consequences, as fund-raising limits (important to anti-corruption goals) may help Knox into City Hall.

  • The Daily News picks up this theme, noting a rise in jabs between the mayoral contenders over the weekend, noting in particular a new Evans ad, remarks in the TV debate, and a list of allegations against Knox released by the Brady campaign.

  • For those of you who, like me, missed this weekend's TV debate, AAJane provides a summary of the points made. This one was quite different from the first, having a more conversational set-up and allowing back-and-forth among the candidates.

  • The Metro has a candidates' roundtable about their visions for the city and how to get there.

  • The Inquirer is also doing a week-long series of candidate profiles (in alphabetical order), starting today with Bob Brady as political peacekeeper. It traces his history in the city (and a bit in DC), how the machine "worked for him," how his insidership works. His cult of personality comes across well here, but exactly what he'd do as mayor is less clear -- who prioritizes the sit-downs?

  • John Baer talks about Michael Nutter's campaign, from hand-shakes to TV ads, and how it's faring. A little horse-racey, but perhaps a human glimpse of the candidate.

  • Another DN opinion piece wonders how much to believe the candidates' various promises about kids, education, and safety. It's particularly designed to encourage support for after-school programming.

  • Among the small bits here is a sighting of Knox having a long meeting with Johnny Doc -- supporter to be? (perhaps behind the scenes, in order to leave his Outsider mantel unruffled?)


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