Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday news roundup


Blogger ted said...

as for the tax issue, brady is quite clear on the matter. one need only look on his website.

his violent crime reduction strategy works in tandem with the tax lowering issue.

once violent crime is lowered by more police on the beat, business will flourish in the more condusive environment, thus leading the way to a higher tax base.

this will make it easier for philly to balance its budget, including tax breaks that will be a further include business incentive.

though the individual taxpayer may not find the tax breaks to be a major incentive, the business community is clearly opposed to phillys high taxes.

brady offers resolution of the quality of life issues in pragmatic ways that fit cleanly into a cohesive plan.

if all goes the way it should on election day, even the inquirer may come to recognize the value of brady as mayor.

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