Monday, April 30, 2007

Mayoral news

The Inquirer has officially endorsed Michael Nutter, with a lengthy write-up in Sunday's paper that included brief summaries of their views of the other candidates' strengths and weaknesses as well. The lens for their assessments was "what the voters are looking for" as assessed through their Great Expectations project, which could be an interesting framework for addressing the remaining endorsement choices and election issues.
They want someone who is not just smart, but displays "emotional intelligence." Someone who can attract good people to City Hall and keep them; who can make ordinary citizens feel heard, not dismissed.
Two amusing bits along the way: (1) they manage to depict Nutter as both the Little Engine That Could and as Don Quixote ("who brought his windmill down" ?!) in complimenting his perseverence in the face of naysayers inside and outside City Council, and (2) they summarize Knox as "not so much an outsider as a novice."

In related news, the final candidate profile in their week-long series is Al Taubenberger, the Republican who's unchallenged in the primary but a long-shot for the office.


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