Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In other Wednesday news

Obligatory mayoral round-up
  • Inquirer candidate profile: Chaka Fattah. A bit of a cipher, but some interesting bits here about his background and operating style.

  • Brady is officially on the ballot, after a Supreme Court ruling put an end to any further challenges.

  • Dwight Evans has a new ad comparing his record to those of Fattah and Knox, esp. on crime.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly gives a quick impression of each candidate as they prepare to choose one to endorse.

  • The Inquirer reads the tea leaves of what Katz could mean for the fall elections (see yesterday for the story).

  • The PW muses on whether any mayor can fix the crime problem in the city. More an overview of perceptions of their proposals, rather than a review of their actual proposals.

  • A campaign chairman makes the case for Chaka Fattah over at YPP.

  • America's Hometown notes that Nutter was endorsed by Philadelphia Magazine, the first news outlet to announce their choice. I have to admit that this wording:
    [O]nly Michael Nutter has the vision and sense of urgency to tackle the city’s problems, from ethics to tax cuts to taking on the murder epidemic. In the end, we felt that Nutter has the best potential to be an inspiring leader and to speak to all Philadelphians
    comes pretty close to my own feelings. I hope to have more to say on that front soon.

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