Thursday, April 12, 2007

In other Thursday news

  • Politicos

    • A CityPaper piece looks at the grim game of ballot position, following Ellen Green-Ceisler through the crowded race for Court of Common Pleas as an example, and also details other indignities heaped upon these candidates.

    • The Inquirer notes row-office elections being held this year, including the hot race for Sheriff (about which we have given our opinion here).

    • The CityPaper's Polnote describes the argumentative 1st District Council race, particularly Anastasio's attempts to tie DiCicco closer to Fumo and his allies.

    • US Rep. Gerlach in a kerfluffle over misreported numbers on FEC filings. A hefty fine results from errors that don't appear to have benefitted anyone...

  • Casinos

    • Anti-casino activists charge confusion of interests in the Gaming Board's decision to sue PHiladelphia to block its casino-related ballot measure.

    • An Inquirer editorial advises the Board and the courts to let the people have their say before rushing to decry the (unheard) outcome and its repurcussions.

  • Other news

    • The state House Speaker's Commission on Legislative Reform submitted their recommendations to lawmakers yesterday, including taking the composition of the Ethics Board out of the hands of party leaders.

    • A bill expected in Philadelphia City Council today, to set a "prevailing wage" for employees of developers who get a tax-abatement or other city support -- for example, security guards in future large buildings like the Comcast Center would get a hefty pay hike under this plan, which already has five sponsors.

    • More discussion about whether to have a constitutional convention to overhaul PA law. I just can't tell how serious this idea really is, or likely to go ahead.

    • AAJane notes some bills in the PA House that appear aimed at protecting the rights of mothers to feed their children.

    • Finally, the CityPaper offers a profile of the director of the Acadamy of Natural Sciences in Phila, and how he got here.


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