Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday trickle

More striking
  • Philadelphia's top lawyer opined on the casino referendum that's been added to the May primary, saying that it can't be pushed off the ballot by legal challenges now, but that it's entirely likely to be overruled after passage, due to the primacy of state law. More on the story here, including mention of the likelihood that Street will veto the bill (but could well be overturned, given the unanimous passage of the measure).

  • The state is still pursuing its notion of leasing the PA turnpikes to raise some short-term revenues, but is keeping its offers of interest secret (there are already 48). The legislature would like to see the kinds of deals on deck before signing off on Rendell's plan.

  • Brady's ballot lifeline is in court today. Expect much more on this, not least the likely appeals of any verdict.

  • Tom Knox proposes a new kind of quick service neighborhood health clinic for walk-in patients with minor ailments.
    Knox's idea would attempt to replicate a private-sector model gaining vogue in the health-care industry. A growing number of entrepreneurs regard the clinics as a way to deliver simple medical care profitably. Medical insurers view them as a way to divert nonemergency patients from emergency rooms, especially on weekends.
    Story here and here.

  • Rendell's healthcare plan was introduced in Harrisburg today. It's fate is yet to be seen. A commentary at the Inquirer points out that a single-payer plan is also on-deck in Harrisburg and might offer some advantages over Rendell's patchwork of ideas.

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