Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday round-up II: Other bits

  • In light of news that the homicide rate is on track to set a new record, Commisioner Johnson is implementing a new policy in which he and all police commanders will patrol high-crime neighborhoods at least once per week. Not sure that this represents a net improvement in the vigilance of local patrols; it feels more like a public relations move. But perhaps the captains will learn something new when out from behind their desks...

  • As though commuters aren't already leery enough about their cars, news of a valet parking scandal involving cars being leased out to joy riders during the day...

  • Note of new efforts at looking out for youth via curfew centers staffed by volunteers.

  • The DN notes some oddities in the School District budget, including a number of costs that the city should be picking up (that add up to more than pocket change!).

  • Also, two bits found via YPP:

    1. A coalition of progressive political groups called Take Back Our City, who will be posting their (various) endorsements, and may be using this as the start of future collaborations.
    2. News that Brady survived the initial court ruling on his ballot status, although the issues are murky enough that anything could happen at the next level(s) of appeal...


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