Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quick Tuesday bites -- all political installment

  • Surprising no one, Knox affiliates will challenge Brady's ballot application.
    "Objectors do not attribute [Brady's] omissions to an improper motive, do not suggest that these omissions were part of any scheme or intentional motive... and agree with his public statements that they were innocent omissions," their complaint read.

    But they added that the law regards the omissions as "non-waiveable, incurable, 'fatal defects' " in Brady's nomination papers.
    Evans also says he'll challenge on principle.

  • Vern Anastasio, a Council candidate previously challenged on just such a technicality, argues against disqualifying Brady because the voters should get to pick their next mayor, not a set of lawyers. I applaud his empathy (and consistancy), but I just can't work up many tears for somebody who has put so much party effort into denying voters their full range of choices. (Tony Payton ring a bell? Special elections for City Council?)

  • Dwight Evans wags a finger at FOP and DA for their recent Brady endorsement, making the case that he was trying to get people interested in the issue of violence while most were still busier elsewhere.

  • YPP makes its first endorsements: Irv Ackelsberg and Maria Quinones Sanchez for the 8th and 7th District Council races, respectively. In-depth posts on each (presumably with more issues discussion and comparison to the incumbents) will follow.

  • Also noted at YPP is that the hugely powerful but ultimately random ballot position lottery will be held tomorrow.
    It is very disheartening to realize that my almost thirty years of legal experience and the five years I have spent building political support for my candidacy can be trumped by the fortuitous pulling of a number out of a hat.
    Indeed, we would all be better served by a better-informed public, but meantime, cross your fingers for your favorite candidates!


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