Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday smattering

Appear not to have missed much over my long weekend, although a couple of folks were removed from the Council race ballots. Brady's challenge inches onward, with staffers being subpoenaed to clarify the change of story... Elsewhere,
  • As mayoral candidates call for more police and crackdowns, sociologists look to deeper remedies. In a nutshell, a variety of approaches will be needed. Oh.

  • Philadelphia's current youth detention center appears inadequate to the job, with security gaps, overcrowding, and design flaws. The city hopes to institute radical improvements when it builds its new facility, but Councilwoman Blackwell points to problems with the current facility as justification for her standing in the way of relocating into her district.

  • Dan U-A explains what he's seen that makes him think Irv Ackelsberg is the right guy for the 8th Council District.

  • Damon Roberts gives a glimpse of what it's like trying to decide whether an opponent's ballot filing should be challenged (and getting a bit of a run-around on the paperwork).

  • AAJane reminds us that Dwight Evans is having a webchat again tonight.

  • PhillySkyline got access to the top of the Comcast Center construction site and took a fabulous series of shots of the view in all directions -- a combination love note to the city with any kid's fascination with picking out how all their familiar haunts look from above.
    (thanks to dragonballyee for the tip)


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