Thursday, March 08, 2007

Apparently "cold turkey" eludes me

A handful of bits from today:
  • The Inquirer reports 56 City Council candidates as having submitted ballot petitions; not sure who's dropped out from the 76 rumored in advance, although that total sounds pretty close to the 20 At-Large and 34 District candidates who've listed themselves at the Committee of Seventy. (Of course, Milton Street has switched himself from mayoral to At-Large Council candidate, much to Sharif's dismay, and the story notes at least one drop-out from the overcrowded District 8 field.) I hope the final list will be made known by next week.

    While I'm here, let me give a shout-out to the Committee of Seventy for this great page that summarizes all of this year's races, including descriptions of the offices' responsibilities, terms, and (presumably updated) lists of candidates. Bookmark that baby for this and future elections.

  • PA Commonwealth Court is starting hearings on Philadelphia's campaign laws, i.e., whether we have a right to set local restrictions that differ from or exceed state guidelines. Unclear whether a ruling will be had before the election; even if so, it could be stayed pending an appeal to the State Supreme Court.

  • Meanwhile, in Harrisburg, the legislative reform bill has been introduced in the House. A lot of rational measures are included.

  • The CityPaper has a piece on efforts of local transit activists to engage commuters in helping ensure funding for SEPTA, and on the frustration of getting yearly fixes without a long-term solution. (In related news, SEPTA releases its annual scare plan, which details the draconian measures that would be required for it to meet its budget needs without an influx of state aid; Rendell says no stopgap funds will be forthcoming. Is the Governor cutting transit loose, or throwing a bone to those who claim he always favors Philly, so that perhaps his oil tax proposal will pass? With Fast Eddie, one never knows...)


Blogger thomas said...

Thanks for the link to my list of Council candidates, which has been updated with a lot of new information about those who did file (and the remaining holes are filling in rapidly, though I welcome any help). The rumored candidates who didn't file are still there, but at the bottom of the list. There were also several candidates who filed that I wasn't aware of before the deadline, notably 5 Dem At-Large candidates, and 2 of the three 9th District Dem challengers.

Besides Talmadge, the most notable non-filer (IMO) was Elmer Money, a Republican At-Large candidate who went to the Neighborhood Networks forum and filled out their questionnaire, but didn't file.

By the way, the 56 number quoted at the top of that Inky article is incorrect. 61 candidates filed. I don't know where he got the 56 number; it's not even consistent with his own enumeration of the candidates in the body of the article, which mentions 58 candidates individually or in aggregate, not mentioning the three unopposed Dems in Districts 3, 6, and 10.

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