Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday politicians

  • Dwight Evans in the news today with attempts to woo Philadelphia's gay voters. He cites his record of opposing "defense of marriage" amendments, professes support for a gay judicial candidate, and promises to support several measures to protect gay couples from discrimination.

  • Milton Street promises to drop out of the mayoral race if he can't draw at least 5,000 fans for a March 1 rally. Of course, he's supposed to be getting signatures between now and then to get on the ballot, so I hope he has *some* troops on hand...

  • At-Large Council candidate Andy Toy introduces himself over at YPP (and discovers that few ideas go unchallenged in that increasingly busy environment).

  • At-Large Council incumbent Jim Kenney also stops by, to talk about the value of 311 service (for non-emergency city service questions).

  • At-Large candidate Marc Stier posts a lengthy discussion of the Business Privilege Tax, arguing in particular that progressives should find some aspects of it troubling.

  • The Daily News notes first volleys in the Sherriff's race, as well as first questions about campaign finance limits in this race (that probably hasn't merited scrutiny most years).

  • The DN opinion page says candidates are getting ahead of themselves in worrying about changing police residency requirements to help recruitment; they argue that the costs and other logistics of hiring a heap of new cops need to be considered first, from the challenges to an already crowded legal system to the merits of other parallel solutions.


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