Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday deluge

Fumo, redux

Actual news:
  • Look Rendell talked some numbers about programs and taxes! The Inquirer characterizes the new budget's transit assistance as no help, not least because it wouldn't offer anything until a year after SEPTA goes bankrupt. (It does suggest a new way to make sure that oil companies can't avoid corporate taxes, however...) Apparently Mayor Street forgot what day it was and thus didn't hear the Governor's budget address, although he's delayed his own budget presentation until hearing details of what the state will provide. Pennsyltucky predicts that nobody likes the budget as presented; only time will tell how it gets hammered out. (The Inquirer seems to bear out his view, with an editorial worried about the cost of what Rendell wants to get done.)

  • In related news, US Sen. Bob Casey notes that cuts in federal funding could undermine PA's attempts to broaden health insurance coverage of children.

  • Belying claims that the Philadelphia GOP is moribund, the Republicans announce a mayoral candidate that I've never heard of.

  • Apparently the Philadephia City Committee will meet on Friday to endorse Brady make their decision about whom to back for Mayor. (I note that this decision precedes any Ward meetings, indicating that the opinions of the rank & file party worker are not needed; heck, candidates haven't even filed petitions to get on the ballot yet!)

  • In related news, AAJane points us to research on the success rate of Congressfolk running for mayor; short answer? it looks like a tough haul.

  • The Inky notes that new Philadelphia-area Representative Patrick Murphy is submitting the House counterpart of Sen. Obama's Senate bill to get U.S. troops out of Iraq, drawing on his own experience fighting there.

  • An Inquirer editorial encourages City Council to move ahead with Zoning Reform, pointing out that developer deals with politicians and civic associations just become a different form of the larger "pay-to-play" system in Philadelphia.

  • Will Bunch notes that conservative commentator Michael Smerconish is joining the Inquirer editorial page. um, whee?


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