Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday snowfall

  • Politicos

    • Chaka Fattah boldly suggests a "congestion fee" for Center City, which would be charged to those driving into the city during peak traffic periods. (A similar system is in place in London, to great effect.) Inga Saffron suggests that more improvements and incentives to improve levels of SEPTA ridership should come first.

    • Apparently Bob Brady will join Tom Knox in airing TV ads for his mayoral campaign, starting today. Insert snarky comment about possible content here.

    • A local activist has filed an ethics complaint against Frank DiCicco for his relations to Fumo as described in the latter's federal indictment.

    • Vern Anastasio has a post at YPP about his proposals for campaign finance reform and good government.

    • A DN story notes that taxpayers have already shelled out some $1.4 million in legal fees for Vince Fumo, before his indictment even arrived. Seems like that's maybe one bill he should pay himself.

  • Other news

    • After all the flurry to get Paul Vallas (education czar) a contract extension, it appears that he may be forced out at the end of this school year, apparently due to the "surprise" budget deficit and other disagreements with School Reform Commission members. The DN provides a timeline of Vallas' time in Philadelphia, and a column applauding his introduction of parent choice into the school system.

    • YPP is continuing its brainstorming series with the CityPaper: the results of its first discussion, on healthcare, appeared in the CP here (sorry for the belated notice!), and they're now soliciting ideas on the topic of the Ward system. Seems like these discusions could be a great incubator for ideas for improving the city -- put your two cents in!

    • AAJane alerts us that PA House votes are now being made available online -- more ways for the average voter to find out what their representatives are doing and hold them accountable!

    • Is high-tech parking coming to Philadelphia? Inga Saffron has the rumors.


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