Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday politicians

  • I'm not sure why with 11 months left in his term this should be his "last big speech," but anyway, Mayor Street recounted his successes for local business leaders (this piece notes a few shortfalls as well) and challenged his successors with some ongoing needs. More of the valentine festivities here.

  • Tom Knox is running a new ad focused on anti-crime promises.

  • The five main mayoral contenders will appear together for the first time tonight in a forum sponsored by the Next Great City initiative. All the seats are taken, but there are some 10 places around town that will be screening the event (via webcast) live. More here on what the event hopes to achieve.

  • Bob Brady has gotten political contributions from both some local unions and those unions' PAC, raising questions of whether he's found a loophole in limits on organizational donations. Dan wags a sad finger...

  • Vince Fumo's troubles may have earned him new sympathies among the Philadelphia mob, according to an odd CityPaper piece.

  • A smattering of Fattah stories:

    • Mary Patel at the CP starts a series of candidate profiles with a close look at Fattah, noting his busy preparation of policy positions but questioning his work ethic.

    • Fattah pledges support for public-access television in no uncertain terms.

    • Inga Saffron takes a second look at Fattah's congestion tax suggestion, complete with speculation about the impact of political donors on the types of proposals that get considered...

  • A YPP poster notes some new issues material at the Knox website and gives the economic sections a look.

  • And finally Dan U-A shares his thoughts and questions as a voter who's still undecided in the mayoral race. Much defensiveness is elicited from supporters of this guy and that guy...


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