Friday, February 02, 2007

Residual Friday round-up

  • Politicians

    • Chaka Fattah suggests that money that comes in as current tax-abatements expire should go directly into the city's Housing Trust Fund, which helps build and maintain affordable low-income housing. A great idea, as long as that money hasn't already been "pre-spent" like future casino revenues... Other housing support proposals also listed here.

    • In a not-unrelated vein, Gov. Rendell suggests an electricity fee to fund alternative energy development.

    • Mayoral contenders ask Brady to step down as head of the local Democratic organization. Apparently the City Committee is already sporting Brady posters and giving him money. But it's *Knox* that's the threat...

    • The Daily News opinion page agrees with US Sen. Specter that the President is not the only "decider" when it comes to war, but points out that it would have been helpful if the Senator had realized this fact a bit sooner...

    • Alex U-A plugs Damon Roberts in the 2nd Council District, and I have to agree that Damon is a dedicated guy with lots of experience who could bring energy and ideas to improving our city.

    • AAJane offers notes from a lengthy PCN call-in show on the State House Reform Commission with a couple of its leaders.

    • Mayor Street contributed to the Fattah campaign on Christmas day. Who hasn't web-surfed during a lull in family festivities?

  • Casinos

    • The Gaming Board finally released it's rationale for the Philadelphia casino locations chosen, including such details as that Riverwalk's financing arrangement made their heads spin (and appeared to allow for little real local control), and that Trump's location didn't appeal. Investment groups with Atlantic City connections (including the Pinnacle group and Trump) also lost some brownie points over fears that they'd redirect their business there. Expect more analysis of the 100+-page report, and possibly appeals of the decisions.

    • You can read the report yourself (as well as see links to lots of related coverage) at the Inquirer's special reports page.

  • Other news


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