Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New feature

Blogger has made it easy to tag posts with keywords, so I decided to go through and mark all of my posts which were either candidate endorsements or voter guides; the result is now available in the sidebar. In fact, there haven't been that many (two per year, generally), but this helps people find scattered posts at election time, as well as get a sense of who I may have backed in the past. Hope it's useful.

This also makes me think I should consider going back to smaller single-topic posts like I did in the first year or so of the blog, rather than the huge round-ups I've been doing lately -- it would allow me to tag more types of discussions for those who might want some background on regional topics, particular politicians or issues, etc. Would you, reader, use such links? I imagine things like "Big Dogs" or "transit" or "Fumo" but also, say, "machine" and "cities" and other general topics... Leave a comment if you have thoughts on the utility of such categoricals.


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