Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday lightning round

New stories
  • A new report suggests that Pennsylvania needs work in caring for the dying, from support for family care-takers to better training of medical personnel.

  • The DN asked mayoral candidates for recommendations on Neighborhood Health Centers and reports their replies (4/5, that is; this probably would be one position too many for Brady).

  • A YPP poster offers an agenda for low-income working families in Philadelphia, based in part on a recent study of the working poor and what would best help them improve their situation.

  • The Inquirer offers some small political bits, not least speculation about what Jonathan Saidel might do with the $1 million in the treasury of his defunct mayoral campaign.

  • Ray Murphy asks for data on how other cities' City Councils run -- more representatives and smaller districts, etc.

Ongoing stories
  • John Baer recaps the Harrisburg legislative bonus scandal, challenging the House to follow the Senate's lead in reforming its practices.

  • The Inquirer devotes an editorial to the same topic, hoping the legislature continues to broaden its reforms.

  • The Inquirer calls on the School District not to give up on reforms, just because of a mixed report card at the halfway point.
    The first question we ask about a school should not be: How is it managed? Nonprofit? For-profit? District? Charter? It should be: How well are its students learning?
  • The Daily News opinion page argues against Kenney's proposed roll-back of the campaign contribution limits.

  • Two different YPP posters do likewise.

  • Another DN opinion piece summarizes the rationale given by the Gaming Board for its decisions, and opines that it would have been nice for such balancing to be done by somebody who knows something about the city and its waterfront.


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