Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday downpour

Actually, the precipitation may not start until tomorrow, but I have an alarming number of tabs open (and after some scant newspaper offerings too)...
  • Politicians

    • In case you missed the galling photo in Saturday's (and Sunday's) Inquirer, the Democratic City Committee endorsed Bob Brady on Friday, as expected. The story omitted mention of the Ward Leaders who chose not to attend the coronation...

    • Sunday's Inquirer also offered a multi-page spread on Fumo, anchored by this lengthy review of his record and reputation.

    • Pennsyltucky Politics reminds us that freshmen Congressmen are always at risk and are already working to help ensure that they renew their victories in 2008.

    • Not-so-new Sen. Arlen Specter is in the news again, calling for Supreme Court proceedings to be put on TV, over the refusals of most justices. I suspect that some of their more technical cases, as well as those involving maritime law, would put even the average CSPAN viewer to sleep...

    • John Baer is saddened by the lack of honesty in politics these days, and notes numerous local examples.

    • Dan at YPP is frustrated by Tom Knox's involvement with payday lending (and apparent unrepentance about same).

    • Another YPP poster comments on Fattah's housing proposals, sparking an interesting and informative discussion about financial assistance available to current homeowners, and a heap of related topics.

    • Alex U-A plans to work for Damon Roberts in his District Council race; he points especially to this striking video. I know Damon from NN, and he's the real deal -- progressive, committed, no-nonsense. I also know, from a long Google effort (during my Scorecard research), that Anna Verna has done little with her time on Council. Damon could bring energy and dedication to Southwest Philly -- I think the 2nd District folks have a good choice this May for improving their lives.

    • Marc Stier has two new pieces up on his campaign blog (does this item belong here or below?): The Politics of Fear and the Costs of Corruption (putting real examples to abstract ethical issues) and Hope and Fear and Casinos (about the petition drive).

    • The Inquirer offers some small bits, including an upcoming TV ad barrage from Wilson Goode, and an Ethics Board workshop on campaign contribution law.

  • Other news

    • Dan at YPP notes a free alternative to TurboTax for those who need help filing their income taxes.

    • Inga Saffron alerts us to some conflict over the design of the new South Street Bridge -- specifically, they'd like it to be more pedestrian-friendly. Surely, if they're fixing everything else, they can acknowledge the steady stream of Penn folks and others that walk or bike that bridge everyday, not to mention undo the death-defying way that cars and pedestrians currently interact near the highway entrances...

    • The DN opinion page is favorably impressed by Rendell's proposals for transit funding. Color me horrified by the turnpike leasing suggestion, and unimpressed by the apparent lack of help for the next fiscal year. To each his own.

    • A YPP poster sparks a discussion about the role of Temple University in Philadelphia and its nearby neighborhoods.

    • AAJane points us to some new resources in Pennsylvania life and politics, and also some upcoming events.

    • The Inquirer has closed down its blog Blinq (promoting its host to columnist), prompting many reponses.

    • New Jersey residents plan to challenge the use of electronic voting machines. Voters in my area seemed leery of them too.


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