Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meanwhile, in non-Fumo news...

  • Continuing his I'm the Cleanest campaign, mayoral candidate Nutter proposes random financial audits for all top city officials (elected and appointed), under the auspices of the Board of Ethics. Other ethics-related proposals also noted here.

  • Another candidate, Fattah, recommends a fund to help small businesses through short-term difficulties, in an effort to keep more of them going. Part of a package of proposals aimed at helping small businesses in the city.

  • Councilman Kenney is reconsidering his bill to remove the cap on campaign contributions for the current mayoral race (or any with a millionaire in the field).
    Though Kenney's bill had 11 co-sponsors, it's been condemned by the Committee of Seventy, the Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia Forward and a number of Council candidates.
    Kenney is not backing off of the issue, but considering ways to modify his initial proposal; he hopes both versions will get some discussion next week.

  • Councilwoman Blackwell is pushing a measure to make it legal to post political signs on poles; however the L&I committee apparently gutted the bill, leaving the ban in 8/10 council Districts (both in West Philly), and requiring hefty fees from candidates. One DN columnist is unmoved in his opinion that such signs are trash that would be a pain to clean up.

  • AAJane lets us know about a Sestak event this Friday.

  • Dan UA notes that Patrick Murphy is taking some visible stands with regard to the war (cosponsoring the "Iraq De-escalation Act of 2007").

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