Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In other Wednesday news

  • Stalberg presses Ethics Board to be more proactive in investigating how various candidates are handling their campaign contributions, loop-holes, and all the rest.

  • Rendell launches an investigation into how PA highways were allowed to become unusable during a normal winter storm.

  • Rendell also clarifies (through an aid) that his new health coverage plan is not an entitlement, meaning there could be waiting lists if funds turn out to be insufficient.

  • Foxwoods casino folks protest giant property tax hike on their site last year. It does seem odd that the dirt quadrupled in value before gaming licenses even got allocated, but then again, they paid top dollar for the spot.

  • The Philadelhia Weekly takes a look at how the Inquirer and Daily News are faring under their new owners.

  • A local activist suggests that local candidates should be given free air time on public media outlets, to increase fairness in elections and help inform voters.

  • UPenn considers stricter hiring standards in the wake of two recent sex offender convictions among their faculty. Not the kind of questions that come up during the average interview...

  • The Daily News offers reader letters on why Paul Vallas should be retained; their next topic is millionaire candidates, so put in your two cents.

  • In the Department of Unpopular Opinions, we have Johnny Doc defending the head of the Zoning Board, and the SugarHouse gaming folks arguing that slots mean progress for Philadelphia.


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