Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In other Wednesday news...

  • Mayoral bits

    • Fattah's "congestion fee" proposal is meeting with uproar. However, it should be noted that most of those complaining have misunderstood the details (i.e., evenings and weekends, top tourist hours, would be unaffected); argments based on our relatively low in-town congestion (e.g., see Inga Saffron from yesterday) are more on point.

    • Bob Brady's ads have started running. The Inquirer reviews the first two, noting that they appear aimed at countering his association with power broker heights. The DN notes the ads' compassionate tone. [Also noted here is a new set of Knox ads focused on crime.]

    • Michael Nutter offers a housing plan, touching on such hot issues as affordable housing and the ten-year tax abatement. (A flurry of discussion ensues on YPP.)

    • Dwight Evans apparently held a live video web chat last night. Apparently more than 250 people took part (!!), among them AAJane, who offers a few out-takes.

    • The University of Pennsylvania Democrats have voted to endorse Michael Nutter. AAJane notes that they did a lot of field work for Patrick Murphy and could bring some key energy to the mayoral race.

  • Gov. Rendell has finally nominated somebody for Bob Casey's seat as Treasurer (as well as filled some open judicial seats). The nominee(s) seem well qualified and also well connected.

  • The DN notes a variety of suggestions on the school budget from current mayoral contenders.

  • The Montgomery County Commissioner race appears to be heating up, with Joe Hoeffel the latest big name to throw his hat in the ring.

  • The new Philadelphia Weekly offers a look at the new city cab dispatch system, which appears to have more glitches than functions.

  • Anne Dicker reports that anti-casino activists collected well above the 20,000 signatures needed (although not as many as the 50,000 they'd hoped for) for putting the current locations to a referendum. Now to find another 8 Councilpeople to back it!

  • Speaking of petitions, Albert notes that it's that time again when nominating petitions are circulated. If you have some time, help make sure that some good candidate gets on the ballot, or at the very least, sign for anybody who asks -- you can make up your mind on whom to vote for later.

  • State Rep. Mark Cohen talks about the often invisible volunteers who keep our party structures functioning, describing the Traits of successful Democratic committee people.

  • Plans to build a museum within Valley Forge Park broke down recently, but may be back on track with an offer of land nearby but outside the National Historic Site boundaries.


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