Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday mayoral roundup

  • Well here's one for the books: Milton Street decides to join the race for Philadelphia mayor.
    "If people don't want to vote for me because I've been indicted, go vote for somebody else," T. Milton Street Sr. said yesterday as he announced he was joining the five major Democratic candidates for mayor.
    Well, ok then! His trial for matters having to do with unreported income from airport projects is scheduled to start the day before the primary. More on the general circus here, and Milton's political history is recapped here.

  • Last night was the Great City project's big mayoral debate on city/environmental issues, with all five (or the most reasonable 5 of the 7 announced candidates) present. The Inquirer reports that the event was largely focused on substance, while the DN coverage highlights the trading of barbs. A YPP poster gives his impressions here, including that Brady's folksiness didn't play so well in a policy debate setting, and that Queena Bass (a recurring but long-shot feature in this race) got a few minutes to talk about "Love!" (Commenters add their impressions too. Sorry I had to miss this; if it was a webcast, might they post it?)

  • Nutter just released a plan on Fairmont Park and environtmental issues, probably a help to his debate performance. For anybody who, like myself, is finding it hard to keep track of these policy papers coming out in dribs and drabs, The Next Mayor project is doing a good job of compiling them under their Meet the Candidates section (with the flashing faces) -- e.g., Nutter's page now shows this environmental plan, along with his housing and crime plans, and there are further links to everything from his Wikipedia entry to his Flickr account. A great service, which will only increase in value as the amount of information piles up.


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