Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday round-up

  • The Inquirer speculates about Bob Brady's entry into the mayoral race (official announcement fest tonight), as a test of his personal pull and the strength of The Machine. The Daily News focuses on his everyman pull.

  • This year's elections also features some interesting judicial races, including some for the State Supreme Court; these posts are getting more scrutiny after the pay hike furor of 2005... (More on the ratings offered by the Bar Association here.)

  • The PA state legislature is getting some reform activity underway: O'Brien's Reform Commission started meeting yesterday, talking about setting hours for legislative deliberation, a minimum period between introduction of bills and voting on them, and other sanities. (More here.) One young freshman Democrat isn't waiting for broader transparency rules to be enacted; he's putting his legislative expense accounts on the web for public inspection.

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