Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday late edition

  • People

  • I guess they meant it, at least for now: health inspectors drop in on bars, give out some tickets and citations.

  • The developers of the proposed 47-story tower that caused such a controversy in the Springarden neighborhood (see prev. here) appear to have reached some kind of compromise with the neighborhood that might allow a smaller tower complex to be built. However, Vince Fumo (currently on vacation) might still stand in its way...

  • The head of the state House GOP suggests doing away with proxy voting in that chamber. Sounds civilized, but why only now?!

  • The CityPaper provides an overview of Philadelphia's DHS and its current struggles to reform itself.

  • A Daily News opinion piece compares the budget cuts at the PHA with a Katrina-like disaster for the region.

  • A YPP poster has been to a Great Expectations discussion and found it hopeful. I look forward to taking part this weekend!

  • Supermarket chains' desire to offer beer and liquor in PA considered an uphill battle.

  • Two from Inga Saffron: one about a new piece of public art headed for the Parkway, and the other about the ins and outs of life with SEPTA.


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