Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quick mayoral roundup

I'm working at home today, keeping an eye on some furnace guys, so I finally got a chance to finish Sunday's paper. Worth a visit for anyone wanting a snapshot of the current Democratic mayoral field is Tom Fitzgerald's front-page piece "Primed, ready for real race," which expresses the opinion that in a year when voters seem to want a change, there's likely to be more than average focus on issues. Also provided is a brief summary of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the five main candidates, in terms of their starting constituencies, experience, and other factors. Obviously much to be fleshed out in our understanding of each, but this is a pretty good summary of what we know now and what we might expect each candidate to be focusing on during the positioning phase of the race. Ah, Thom, what will we do without you?


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