Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday round-up

A bit of a quiet news day, so some esoteric bits.
  • Part of Center City's recent boom is made up of young families moving here, which will keep up the pressure for the city to improve schools and services. YPP starts a discussion of how to move any success outward to the rest of the city's neighborhoods.

  • Stu Bykofsky is unimpressed by Michael Nutter's calls for a police state of emergency in crime-ridden areas, opining that a white candidate could never suggest such a dire stop-and-frisk intervention into largely black neighborhoods.

  • Local streets projects:

  • Of politicians and their proposals

  • Latest installment of casino-related troublemaking is a move to get a May charter-change measure to prohibit casinos within some distance of residential properties. Petitions are already circulating, and a heap of Councilfolk will need to be won over (the piece points out that a council no-vote would empower many primary challengers!), but it could put a halt to the recently approved riverfront developments, and at least buy time for the city to plan its own future a bit more carefully. I missed this piece last week, so thanks to YPP for putting an article to the rumors I started hearing this weekend...

  • Marc Stier has a new piece laying out his political philosophy and how we can use politics to connect us to each other and our deeper values.

  • Finally, I'll end on a goofy note: somebody sabotaged Mayor Street's Wikipedia entry, adding an apocraphyl stint as Bozo the Clown. [Space left here for a wisecrack from Albert about Street's hairstyle...]


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