Monday, December 04, 2006

Well, that answers that

The headlines read "Saidel gives up mayoral campaign" (see also here), but of course the bigger message is that this has to be the result of the weekend's meetings with Brady et al., meaning that Brady plans to run. That's how I'm betting my money, anyway, between this and his posture at Ward meeting time ("who's to tell me NOT to run??"). He hopes to combine the white Insider vote with some of the black Undecideds revealed in the recent poll (e.g., see prev. here) and thus cobble together a plurality . . .

Update: I should add that I'm somewhat sorry to see Saidel go. He brought both some levity and some seriousness to the table, casting himself as a reformer, while it's hard to imagine a Brady campaign having any theme other than Rainmaker Has Arrived...


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