Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday round-up

Wow, piled up the tabs and then totally forgot about blogging them. Blame an early lunch...
  • Rendell apparently creates a Liquor Control Board position for displaced Bucks County Republican State Sen. Joe Conti. Making nice with the opposition to get some of his agenda passed?

  • Philadelphia City Council holding hearings on how to make Roosevelt Boulevard less lethal. Sinking the street might solve the problem, but bankrupt the city along the way...

  • A judge appears uncomfortable with how some papers related to the investigations of State Sen. Vince Fumo came to be released to the press/public. A second judge has specifically ordered that some papers be kept private.

  • A Philadelphia Weekly piece looks at issue of truancy in city schools and recent efforts to lower rates of absent students. In related news, the Daily News opinion page calls for a lowering of the minimum enrollment age in PA, which currently allows children to start school as late as 8 years old!

  • The newspapers have a new contract, although the Guild sounds less than fully thrilled with its provisions, which may include substantial staffing cuts. (Ferrick calls it a shit sandwich...)

  • Another Weekly piece looks at an interesting community melding event happening over dinners at the Broad Street Ministry.

  • The Kimmel Center turns five.

  • Major state political website PoliticsPA to be sold to bipartisan investors?

  • Jill Porter hopes that maybe the Eakins controversy will teach us to preemptively get to know our local masterpieces.

  • Citizens ask Governor Rendell to put a moratorium on casino licensing until more information is available to guide such developments.

  • And finally, one YPP poster, at least is impressed with Evans' antiviolence proposals.


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