Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday round-up

  • Politicians

    • Governor Rendell plans a major health-care initiative for his second term, aiming to widen coverage while keeping down costs. And ponies for everyone! John Baer looks at this and other second-term proposals and speculates about the motivations for such ambition, and its chances for success.

    • Evans officially announced for mayor yesterday, emphasizing his commitment to the problem of violent crime, and releasing a detailed policy paper for how to reduce crime levels in Philadelphia. More here. A number of regulars at YPP would have liked to hear about more than the one issue.

    • In the ongoing Saidel/Brady speculation, two entries today: Elmer Smith is a bit surprised by the early appearance of race in the air (and the way it demeans the intelligence of voters), and a short DN piece notes a big show of togetherness by the two supposed rivals.

  • Schools

    City Council grilled Schools chief Vallas about a number of issues, from the suddenly discovered deficit to test scores and dropout rates. Wilson Goode, Jr., in particular pushed the chief on the link between dropouts and gun violence. Street was also at the special meeting, calling for a 5-year plan from the School Reform Commission, so that everybody (esp. the city!) knows what the bottom line is currently and where it might best benefit from additional funding.

  • Newspaper status

    Despite a long day of negotiation, serious distance still existed yesterday between management and Guild on pensions. Mediators were meeting with management today, and the two sides planned further negotiations. Meanwhile, the Teamsters and other unions working for the city newspapers have signed new contracts and are back to regular business.

  • Other stories


Anonymous phillydem said...

Hey, what happened to that 45M, or whatever the number was, a year the PPA promised for the schools
after it was taken over by Perzel and state GOP?

5:44 PM  

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