Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Brady-blogging

Yesterday's news that Saidel would pull out of the mayoral race has, as expected, led to much analysis of what it would mean for Bob Brady to enter...
  • Some black leaders call foul on Brady for attempting to elbow out white competitors and for (possibly) taking his past black supporters for granted.
    "This is a betrayal of the legacy of racial harmony that he promised a decade ago when he went to Congress and that he's lived by for most of his political career," said J. Whyatt Mondesire, leader of the city's NAACP and a supporter of State Rep. Dwight Evans' mayoral hopes. "His chairmanship is now in jeopardy, and certainly he will not have his congressional seat in 18 months."
    Ouch. Also discussion here of how Brady's strengths and weaknesses might play out in a mayoral campaign, and whether issues such as "reform" could trump race with voters.

  • The Daily News offers more speculation and criticism aimed at Brady and his plans. Interesting questions here are whether Dougherty would be *more* likely to run with Brady in (in part to spite him), whether Brady could find his House seat at risk, and whether it's a pro or a con to be part of a machine.

  • An Inquirer editorial takes a look at Saidel's departure and Brady's possible entrance, and is sorry to see the back of the one of the few people talking about issues at this point.
    Most of the Democrats are familiar to voters through their years in public life. But this job interview should hinge on a candidate's ideas on where to take the city.
    Indeed. Let's hope the rest of the field makes their announcements so that we can switch over from speculation to substantive discussions!

  • The Daily News opinion page is also sorry to see Saidel go, both for his policy agenda and his sense of humor. Can't disagree.


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