Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday round-up

  • Rendell offers turnpike for lease. The idea is that all the money would be paid up-front, allowing the state to set up a long-term fund for highways and transit. But surely the leasor thinks that there's more money to be had from the tolls than from other investments -- why isn't that true for the state as well?

  • City Council wades into the effort to overhaul Philadelphia's zoning code, looking at bills to set up a Zoning Code Commission and give the Planning Commission more leeway. If approved, the measure would require voter approval of a charter change.

  • Politicians

    • State Senator Vince Fumo goes on the offensive against the investigation into his activities, calling the judge and grand jury biased.

    • Jonathan Saidel may say he bears Brady no grudge for elbowing him out of the mayoral race, but he appears to be kissing up to Fattah, among other suitors.

    • Undampened by his recent defeat, outgoing Senator Rick Santorum used the occasion of the confirmation of Gates as new Defense Secretary to rant about threats against America and those who he claims don't care about them.

  • Opinions

  • A CityPaper story looks at the 25-year history of the Mumia controversy.

  • AAJane points out some resources on the mysterious Pennsylvania Society meeting that occurs in New York (ahem) this weekend. Quite the political prom.

  • Newspaper negotiations continue, but look a bit grim (see also the latest here). If the Guild goes on strike, it plans to publish news here.


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