Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday, in other news

  • The Inquirer depicts the Democratic City Committee Christmas party, with Bob Brady as hand-shaker in chief.

  • Looks like the Democrat will win the recount in Chester County. The number of uncounted and/or contested ballots is smaller than the current margin.

    Update: It's over; Royer has conceded and McIlvaine Smith will take the seat in January.

  • Michael Nutter suggests weekly mayoral debates for the new year (to snarky response from D-Mac). Would love to get that deep a slice of their ideas, but suspect most folks would tune out pretty quickly...

  • The CityPaper suggests ways you can share a better life with others for the holiday season, through a variety of charities that put your time and/or money to good use.

  • In a less festive mood, they report on difficulties with condom distribution in prisons, a critical first line of defense against AIDS.

  • Their political notebook takes a first look at who will run for judge next year, from the top of the court system to the more humble levels.

  • And finally, Phila Will Do gets in some last ribbing at outgoing Rep. Curt Weldon for his misfortunes and missteps in the last year.


Anonymous phillydem said...

ACM, Royer has officially conceded in the 156th and all court/ballot challenges have been dropped by both parties.

4:37 PM  

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