Monday, December 04, 2006

In other Monday news

  • The Philadelphia newspapers have reached a partial agreement, although it's "non-economic" focus (including seniority issues) probably means that the some contentious issues (e.g., pensions) are still a source of division.

  • New US Rep. Joe Sestak turns his energies from campaigning to getting things done for his district, often a challenge for new arrivals in Washington, and in building bridges to other players and groups back home.

  • The Inquirer offers a love letter to profile of State House Speaker Perzel, his history in the legislature, and his current battle to retain control of the House for the GOP.

  • Meanwhile, John Baer at the DN looks at the new State Senate majority leader, Dominic Pileggi, who's just gone from obscurity to a key position of power in Harrisburg. Some glimpses of where he sits on a number of issues...

  • Gay rights activists are working to obtain marriage rights in New Jersey, rather than the civil unions currently under discussion in the legislature. A lot of work to remove the charge from a loaded word...

  • I had no idea that some of the people behind the Foxwoods casino proposal are the Pequot Indian tribe, who have become major powerhouses in Connecticut. Doesn't really affect my opinion of the project, just interesting to see that tribes are branching out of their own lands.

  • Inga Saffron gives an update on the status of the Bridgman View Tower of condos planned for the Delaware Riverfront, as well as an overview of the issues at stake as city planning meets ad hoc zoning adjustments and a development caught in the transition window could set the tone for the city's future.

  • Above Average Jane offers us two notes: one looking at GOP prospects for 2007 races in the suburbs, and the other noting a few places to speak up about issues that matter to you.

  • Finally, a reminder that Neighborhood Networks is sponsoring an exciting event this Thursday, a forum for City Council At-Large candidates. A great chance to get some sense of these folks for yourself before the mayoral race buries everything in its media tidal wave.


Anonymous Tulin said...

Psst. Senator Sestak? :)

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Blogger ACM said...

don't we get 3? ;)
thanks, fixed.

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