Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday round-up

  • Legislative follies

    • State Senate failed to block the mercury emissions standards championed by Rendell. Score one for survival of the species...

    • State Senate narrowly passed a strange measure to allow casinos to give more than one free drink to customers. You know constituents were really up in arms about this! The House still has to consider the bill.

    • An article from points west looks at the ongoing tallies and legal maneouvers that are helping decide control of the State House.

    • Here are two bits of small business that squeezed under the wire in Harrisburg.

  • School-related bloviation

    • Cutting budgets has led some crazy person to cut a volunteer intervention program that's been helping at-risk kids find purpose in working with younger children (and, you know, giving them a mentor that cares). Wouldn't want hippies whispering in kids' ears, I guess. Suspect they'll get a deluge of letters...

    • The Inquirer offers an editorial that seems to argue against Philadelphia's trying to regain control of its school system, at least until it's worked out its budget woes.

  • Other news

    • D-Mac notes signs of a strike at Philadelphia's major papers. The Philadelphia Weekly notices the same writing on the wall...

    • Fattah in meaningless trouble over whether his big announcement illegally occurred on school property. Whoops!

    • Saidel lays out his good-government plan as a column for the Daily News.
      The recent ethics reforms adopted by City Council and Mayor Street are a good start, but they don't go nearly far enough. If Philadelphia is going to continue to improve and become the city we know it can be, we need fundamental reform. We need to make our elections fairer and more open, and make government more accountable, efficient and accessible.
      Can't disagree with any point made in this piece.

    • Ray Murphy gives a quick synopsis of last night's homelessness forum and where it might lead.

    • The Philadelphia Weekly asks why there are so few mainstream movie houses available downtown, along with speculations about an answer. [This is the cover story, and is followed by a heap of movie-related articles.]

    • Another PW story tracks efforts to hold local judges accountable than they are under the current system, where voters barely know who they are.
      The group will evaluate such things as impartiality, civility and efficiency, as well as trial experience, reputation in the legal community, overturned decisions and community work. The first report card will be issued mid-January.
      I don't know how easy this will be to do, but it sounds like a great idea to me.

    • The CityPaper's "Loose Cannon" gives props to anti-casino activists for their determination and creativity (also noting how little coverage the press has granted their efforts).

  • Holiday-related
I have no intentions to be blogging over the next few days, so probably see you on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And a happy Thanksgiving to you too :)


9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real issue with Fattah's goof is that he had nothing to do with the School of the Future.

12:46 PM  
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