Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday deluge

  • Election yap

  • City Council focus

    • The Inquirer reveals that there are Republican candidates for the three open seats, whether or not the Democratic nominees are already picking out their office furniture.

    • The Daily News is unwilling to make an endorsement in the 4th District race. They encourage new faces to get into the battle next year.

    • The DN makes a pick in the 7th District race, giving a surprise endorsement to the Republican in the race while muttering about the inexperience of both candidates.

    • The DN does give Greenlee the nod in the at-large race, saying he's in good position to hit the ground running. And all signs indicate he'll have to run fast to stay ahead of the pack that will materialize next May!

  • Tips for voters

    • The Daily News offers some advice for voters, from being sure that your polling place hasn't moved (see list of new locations), to various past problems with interpreters, access, etc.

    • Here's some more details, including poll hours, your rights, and what to do if a problem arises.

    • A Philadelphia Weekly columnist calls on Jews to return to their liberal roots, rather than letting support for Israel draw them into backing crazy extremists at home.

  • Other news

    • City Council is hearing testimony on prison crowding and the state of the state's capabilities. More here.

    • Much excitement over money that doesn't yet exist. That is, crap headline of "Schools get $5 million slots win," in the deferred "once we actually have money flowing in" kind of way . . .

    • The FBI has just wrapped up a three-year sting, resulting in charges for 35 folks involved in an insurance fraud scheme.

    • The Weekly includes a piece looking at coalitions that help poor and homeless folks vote and get their needs addressed by candidates.

    • A YPP poster alerts us to a Commuter Options Program to help shuttle suburban residents to jobs downtown, as a possible spur to economic growth in the city.

    • Apparently I missed news yesterday that a the newspaper guild and city papers have extended their negotiation deadline by another month, so no strike around election time.
      (via Philadelphia Will Do)

    • Events:
      1. Sidney Blumenthal at the Constitution Center tonight.
      2. Election weekend kick-off with YPP and PAS Friday.

        Update: this appears to have been cancelled. Check with Dan...


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