Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Surely you're not checking in here for election results?!

I mean, that's what midnight TV is for! Well, here's the main stuff, mostly unread by me.
  • Casey wins big. Don't let the door hit ya'...

  • Menendez in New Jersey.

  • Rendell also gets a landslide.

  • Sestak beats Weldon in the 7th. (whoot)

  • Schwartz shows reality beats reality TV.

  • 8th District not called, with Murphy's edge over Fitzpatrick in the recount zone.

    Update: Fitzpatrick concedes! whoot!

  • 6th District also close, but Gerlach may hold on.

  • PA State House control still uncertain, with counts continuing in close races.

    • The 179th race saw Kenney hold on against Brendon Boyle. In the neighboring 172nd, Perzel beat challenger Kearney handily.

    • In the 151st, longish-shot Rick Taylor took out McGill.

    More here on uncertainty in other races, a win for Brian Lentz (?), and some upsets around the state.

  • All the special Philadelphia City Council races went to the annointed Democrats.

  • All 3 ballot questions were approved.
More on how the election day went, more mayoral jostling, and even some non-election news later in the afternoon.


Anonymous phillydem said...

Spent the day doing GOTV for Rendell and the Dems so I missed all the speeches, but did see a replay of Rendell's victory today. It was very interesting to see Michael Nutter standing behind Rendell's right shoulder and no sign of Street. The Philadelphia version of Kremlinology.

5:53 PM  

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