Thursday, November 09, 2006

Residual election round-up

  • Control of the Pennsylvania State House is still unclear, with one race currently showing a 19-vote margin and a couple others around 100-150 votes; more here. Expect unusual scrutiny of the processing of absentee and provisional ballots; will be a while yet before everything is decided. (If all races are confirmed in current standings, the GOP will have a one-vote majority!)

  • Democrats made a good showing in the Philly suburbs. However, Jim Gerlach held on by his teeth, a triumph for the gerrymandering process. Patrick Murphy attributes his own victory to his shoe leather, as he went door-to-door for months. More on both of these races here.

  • Speculation about what Santorum will do next.

  • The CityPaper puts Philadelphians Against Santorum in the spotlight. Note the complete absence of acknowledgment that there are other progressive groups in the city, even though many of those turned out more Casey volunteers than PAS...

  • An Inquirer editorial looks at how voters responded to black GOP candidates -- they were able to separate skin color and policy positions just fine, thanks.

  • The Inquirer gives a great summary of the numbers:

    1. State Senate results

    2. State House results

    3. Ballot questions (including some from nearby townships)

    4. County-by-county breakdowns of the vote for Governor and US Senate

    5. US House races

  • Update: nice post from Albert about Paul Lang, who lost but ran a great race. Hope to see more of him.


Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Thanks for linking my story. Next election, I'll be sure to clone myself so I can spend the day with every get-out-the-vote group working the streets.


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