Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday round-up II: Other topics

  • The Urban Warrior hopes that Street's team comes up with a fix for nuisance liquor sales (sometimes referred to as the "stop-n-go problem"), especially before time runs out for state approval.

  • Gaming Control Board hearings on casinos start today, and the Daily News offers the questions local activists would like answered about the proposals for Philadelphia slots.

  • A second DN (opinion) piece opposes the current sites on a variety of fronts, and suggests that the city should take charge of where casinos end up within its borders.

  • Above Average Jane notes a WSJ piece on redistricting in PA and the distortions that were introduced in 2000.

  • Two new pieces from Inga Saffron on local building and development: one looks at the challenges of conserving while renovating unique properties, and a second raises the iconoclastic notion of condo towers without huge parking garages, perhaps to encourage greater transit usage...
Update: Almost forgot the big local excitement of city's first public pay toilet. You can visit it right outside City Hall!


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