Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday round-up I: Election-related stories

  • Last Tuesday's

    • The Inquirer looks at Pennsylvania's role as a swing state, and whether its recent "blue" trends will change its role in Presidential elections.

    • State legislators, facing uncertainty over who will hold majority in the House once the counting is done, try to rush through lame-duck legislation, to stave off tougher emission standards, among other things, raising the ire of those who feel that ousted politicians shouldn't take on controversial bills. Some have suggested a rule to prohibit legislative sessions between elections and the changing of the guard, other than for election of new leadership.

    • The Daily News opinion page encourages Democrats to get moving on universal healthcare, among their top stated priorities.

    • AAJane gives us a summary of voter turn-out by county. It was up everywhere, but clearly some hot races pulled out the extra numbers.

    • Reflections on the races:

      1. Meet Rick Taylor, new state rep.
      2. Ben Waxman looks at a conservative district that went for Casey, and reflects on that that means for the ability of the Democratic party to reach out to rural voters.
      3. Another poster provides a glimpse of election night at Patrick Murphy headquarters.

  • Next May's

    • The Inquirer notices Philly mayoral candidates squirming into the picture with Ed Rendell last week as he gave his victory speech. Other glad-handing and fundraising also underway... Included here are profiles of the Seven Dwarves and what they bring to the table.

    • A noted absence from screens and airways is Johnny Doc, once the topic of much speculation, but possibly reconsidering since his feud with the rest of the party. [Other mayoral gossip at this link too.]

    • A Daily News columnist adds to the heap of advice being offered to the mayoral field, citing the centrality of city planning and zoning, and possible reform of both. Some good points made on somewhat unsexy but important issues.

    • There's already a fundraiser tomorrow for a candidate for the 4th City Council District seat (which I think is Campbell's now?)...

    • While I'm thinking of it, Neighborhood Networks plans its next mayoral forum (to feature Knox and Evans) within the next two weeks, and is trying for a second forum involving the City Council candidates for the At-Large seats, in early December if possible. More as details are finalized.


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