Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday news round-up

Can already feel myself getting into a holiday/vacation mindset, so am glad that news was a bit light today...
  • Gamesmanship continues in the Eakins painting controversy: Street nominates the work as a historic object, which would block its leaving the city. In related news, Inga Saffron looks at the degree to which Jefferson Hospital has been a good neighbor in designing its buildings, acquiring property, and other matters.

  • So, unsurprisingly, Fattah's Saturday event was to announce for mayor, bringing us to two official candidates and 5 shadows (plus some speculation about Republican contenders). A Daily News piece looks at Fattah's educational background, since it's one the central issues he talks about -- he himself didn't finish either highschool or college (although he was permitted to do a masters at Penn after becoming a state rep.). Meanwhile, the Next Mayor pledges to keep an eye on Congressmen who run for Mayor, both to see how it benefits their campaigns and how their work for the taxpayers might suffer.

  • A special anti-gun investigative unit is being set up between city and state authorities, to focus on illegal guns and dealers. Branches will be focused on high-crime regions of the Philadelphia; state funding will be needed to expand to all areas.

  • The first third of needed school budget cuts were approved this weekend, with the Commission tweaking some of Vallas' recommendations. [More details summarized in a table at the above link.]

  • A state Rep. is introducing a measure to ban robo-calls, which I'm sure would be embraced by many in hot legislative race districts this year.

  • Among the political tidbits, whether Blackwell will try for Council Presidency, Ed Rendell staying out of the Philly Mayoral race, and other odd bits.

  • Philadelphia Homeless Forum is tomorrow night. Philadelphia was once making great strides with this problem, but has been back-sliding of late. Many experts will discuss possible solutions.


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