Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday highlights

Keeping my grousing to a minimum...
  • My favorite story of the day is that of the botched state Senate vote, wherein a "clerical error" caused the wrong version of legislation to be approved, thus requiring another vote at the end of November before it will be official. My enjoyment is of the keystone cops-like antics only; PA's stature as the only state that lets its lobbyists operate unregulated is an ongoing embarrassment. Jane was watching the chaos in real time...

  • The New Jersey state Supreme Court will rule today on gay marriage -- specifically the constitutionality of a law forbidding it. Ruling due at 3pm -- claims that they ruled along lines that would require some sort of civil unions but not demand "marriage" per se. Expect much more explication by tomorrow, or read the opinion here (PDF).

  • The Daily News has a feature on picking a school in Philadelphia, complete with lots of great online/interactive maps and other useful resources.

  • Politicians:

    • NRA backs Santorum, but gives Casey an A rating too. One might wonder why they're campaigning for either, then.

    • Santorum campaign has pulled its TV ads, prompting questions about its financial resources. They say they're being strategic about cable placements instead.

    • Don Sherwood way behind Chris Carney in the 10th Congressional district, according to a new poll. The incumbent is suffering from the fallout of an affair and related ugliness from last year. Ferrick plays taps for his campaign (and notes a few other results from the same poll in NE PA).

    • Inquirer endorses Joe Sestak in the 7th Congressional district race, but actually seems disappointed with both choices. Apparently I missed on Monday when they chose Fitzpatrick in the 8th, where they actually liked both candidates. I'm rooting for Sestak and Murphy in these two races.

      Perhaps even more useful, the Inquirer has posted their endorsement interviews with candidates at all levels, from Governor down to state races, and you can listen for yourself to help make up your mind. A great resource.
      (via Above Average Jane)

    • Ferrick has more polling results on US Senate and Governor races for PA, showing Rendell and Casey with substantial leads, and he breaks out some details for the curious.

  • Marc Stier doesn't like Goode's campaign finance bill and recommends that readers speak up about getting it made better. I gotta say, if we can't do better for a definition of "candidate" than the petition deadline, we might as well pack up and go home. He's got a petition running, and Goode may be offering some amendments to close the loopholes.

  • Ben Waxman challenges readers to get involved in a campaign in the last two preelection weeks, and implies that 2007 candidates will be demonstrating their priorities by how hard they're working now...

  • Two Daily News editorials of note: one calling for improvements to Roosevelt Boulevard before more people die, and the other applauding Kenney's bill to eliminate resign-to-run restrictions that disadvantage city officeholders selectively.

  • Finally, the Philadelphia Weekly offers a long colorful look at the reputation and reality of a not-so-fleabag downtown residential hotel. It felt like a trip to a different time and place, rather than a description of a corner I walk by pretty often...


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