Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday news I: Politicians

Bitter day; sometimes I have little control over my life. Here's what caught my eye:
  • Rendell-Swann debate:

    • Inquirer summary -- lots of shots over pay hikes and tax cuts.

    • AAJane does one of her amazing blow-by-blow recountings. I'm not nearly that energized by this race.

    • A YPP poster thinks Rendell won, although he gets some debate on that point. John Baer appears to agree.

    • Tom Ferrick provides some more links to audio and coverage...

  • Other pols and races:

    • Inquirer profile of Patrick Murphy, presumably a complement to their Fitzpatrick piece of yesterday. One point of fact -- they mention Fitzpatrick "winning a seat" two years ago. Am I remembering incorrectly that he was appointed?

    • Another Inquirer piece expands yesterday's announcement of the court verdict in the Payton-Vazquez primary battle.

    • Curt Weldon is getting some fundraising help from Laura Bush in the nailbiter race for the 7th district Congressional seat (where challenger Sestak currently has more money on hand).

    • Meanwhile, both Bill Clinton and Bush, Sr., are in town to receive medals for their disaster work last year, and both will be stumping for candidates in Pennsylvania races. (Speaking of which, YPP is offering a chance for people to attend the Clinton fundraiser for less than the high cost of a ticket: check it out.)

    • A CityPaper editorial (hey! now their site looks different!!) bashes Street's efforts on homelessness, especially for promising too much and then barely making a try to deliver.

    • A Daily News editorial notes that Chaka Fattah will not use congressional race monies in any run for Mayor, and renew the call for better guidelines on fundraising by "potential" candidates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the race Fitzpatrick "won" was similar to our upcoming Council elections. He was appointed by the Bucks County Republican Committee (if that's their name). Then he ran against the Democrat who won the primary against the incumbant. It was all very last minute and since the outgoing Congressman was R, Fitzpatrick had an advantage.

11:16 PM  

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