Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Other Wednesday news

  • Politicians

    • Rendell and Swann will debate tonight, the first debate in the gubernatorial race. Expect showers of analysis tomorrow. PCN at 9 and 10pm.

    • An Inquirer article looks at how Mike Fitzpatrick uses his hometown advantage in his race to keep his 8th district Congressional seat.

    • AAJane gives a summary of the latest Fitzpatrick-Murphy debate, which took place on Michael Smerconish's talk radio show.

    • The anti-Santorum forces will be rallied by Dan Savage, the nationwide sex columnist whose beef with the [uptight] Senator is rather personal. He'll be appearing at a fundraiser for Philadelphians Against Santorum, one of many novel ways that organization has chosen to oppose their target. (Nice profile of PAS and of Ray Murphy's history here too.)

    • In a Daily News opinion piece, Ed Goppelt of Hallwatch lays into State Sen. Vince Fumo for his role in letting the state take away control of casino development from the city of Philadelphia, specifically for moderating the new law in a way that will probably make it withstand legal challenge.

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