Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday news round-up

  • This phrase strikes me as both positive and tragic: school district-sponsored antiviolence fund-raising march to City Hall -- positive, because the district is joining with its users to demand better conditions; tragic because our school districts should already be well enough funded to cover all their educational and security needs. Sadly, the funds raised here help cover funerals, medical care, and counseling...

  • We haven't heard much in the last few months about the much anticipated/dreaded revaluation of Philadelphia's properties, but a draft report exists and will be reviewed by City Hall. Expect discussions to resume on how to adjust tax rates, given the new housing values, as well as how to buffer homeowners from being suddenly priced out of their neighborhoods.

  • The Inquirer has a number of short bits today (2 links), ranging from rumors that Frank Rizzo, Jr., may be getting into the mayoral fray (and maybe on the D. side), to who's being seen with whom among the political elite, possible challengers for Campbell in the spring, and various small notes of interest in the hot suburban House races.

  • Apparently people feel strongly about sports in Philadelphia. Go figure.

  • Apparently there are questions about Casey's campaign strategies, not to mention how the race will turn out. Who knew?!

  • Patrick Murphy is the recipient of the latest swiftboating campaign, with his opponent questioning his military credentials and the activeness of his service. You can check out the story with rebuttals at YPP, a similar angry dissection via Above Average Jane, and reports of a blogger conference call with Murphy, a captain who fought with him in Iraq, and Wesley Clark -- all condemning the attacks on Murphy's record and setting the facts straight.

  • Various goings-on:

  • Finally, Marc Stier reappears online, to give a general overview of a meeting between local progressives and city party chairman Bob Brady, which he describes as combative but friendly. Some interesting musings there about how progressives can best work for their goals, from outside and/or inside the existing system. (Marc also gives a hat-tip to a politician who is clearly a master in the delicate art of herding cats.)


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