Friday, October 27, 2006

In other Friday news

Quick low-productivity-day version:
  • Politicians:

    • Santorum continues to pound the war drums in speeches around the state. Meanwhile speculations prove true, that Rick is relatively strapped for cash.

    • Murphy points out blatant falsehood in bizarre Fitzpatrick ads. Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick continues to hold a lead in polls, where his experience in the district may be valued over national issues.

    • Sestak self-deprecating about his speaking style. I've only heard him live once, quite early on, and he had a strikingly odd style of speaking. Not the most critical matter in this race though.

    • Inquirer endorses McIlhinney in open 10th state Senate race, praising both candidates. They also offer a preference in the NJ 12th Congressional race.

    • Marc Stier offers his recommendations in four state House races (and he's even holding a fundraiser for three of them).

    • Those undecided about the elections should watch for this Sunday's Inquirer, in which the Currents section (usually fluff-alicious) will be devoted to candidate profiles in major regional races. They also promise lots more election coverage starting next week.

    • Tom Ferrick also showcases the Inquirer's open endorsement interviews, which you can view on the web now -- an amazing modern resource -- and he even highlights some good parts for you to pick out.

  • Other news

    • I suspect I need a bit more history to fully appreciate this story: the US Justice folks want to send election observers to Philly, and the city is suing to prevent it for some reason. The feds want to make sure that Spanish-language assistance and handicapped access has all been implemented; perhaps local Genos types want to run things their own way? Anyway, local pols of both parties say the attempted solution way outstrips any problems here, blah blah. I'm sure there's something underlying this conflict that I'd understand if I'd been tuned in longer.

    • Philadelphians Against Santorum are doing a get-out-the-vote pub crawl. Um, tonight?

    • The Committee of SEventy is having a Dash for Democracy race the Saturday before Election Day (i.e., a week from tomorrow) that offers a chance to promote your favorite candidate or cause, with prizes for creativity. Entry fees benefit the Commitee of Seventy's work keeping elections clean and functional.


Anonymous phillydem said...

Former election judge here. Every judge's box has the sample ballots, voting regulations, ballot questions, assistance forms, forms that inform voters of the right to assistance, forms that inform voters of their right to get information in Spanish and so on, are printed both in English and Spanish. All these forms are posted in visible locations in the poll and the forms sit right on the sign-in table in plain view. So I have a hard time understanding what this lawsuit is all about.

7:55 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

or, more to the point, what the feds' beef would be...

9:23 AM  

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