Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween news: all election edition

  • Statewide races

  • Congressional races

    • Curt Weldon finds himself under the microscope again, as a defense earmark for a friend's firm comes to light. In related news, a PhillyFuture contributor notes differences in the ways different papers have covered Weldon's woes and election prospects.

    • The Inquirer asked the candidates in the hot Philly suburban races (House districts 6,7,8) their views on alternative energy options, and found plenty of support. (The article gives more details on their individual responses.)

  • State legislative races

    • The Inquirer looks at the race in the 156th state House district, which includes much of Chester County. The race is for a currently open seat.

    • A second piece looks at the 170th state House district (N. Philly and beyond), where incumbent Kenney is facing a tough challenger in Boyle.

    • An Inky editorial makes an endorsement in the 26th state Senate district (spanning Deleware and Chester counties). They praise both options, but favor the incumbent.

    • Another Inquirer piece looks at activities of the major state parties aimed at protecting their incumbents and/or getting a win in open seat races.

  • Other (there's always other)

    • I'm tired of negative ads, but I'm also tired of reading opinion pieces bemoaning the terrible state into which such ads have fallen. Color me contrarian.

    • Dan UA puts himself on the line in objecting preemptively to possible Brady-Blackwell alliance maneouvering. Some feisty exchanges ensue...

    • Ok, this has nothing to do with elections, but it's related to Halloween: Pennsylvania is the 2nd biggest pumpkin producing state, according to Friedman. Go figure.


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