Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday deluge

Whooh, my head is spacey, so you take your own risks in listening to anything I say. But at least I'm doing my coughing at work! (wait, is that an improvement?) Bunch of news caught my eye today:


Anonymous phillydem said...

What did the Inky employees expect? The paper was bought by dyed-in-the- wool Republicans who have no use for unions or benefits or "investing in the business".

Figure Bob Toll is probably losing money on all the McMansions he's
built in the 'burbs that aren't selling now, too.

Tierney went deep into debt to buy the paper, he can't afford a strike or further devaluation of the papers as that could bankrupt him and you know if that happens, Toll will run out leaving Tierney holding the bag.
Maybe the employees can figure a way to use that as a powerful bargaining chip.

5:50 PM  

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