Friday, October 13, 2006

Apparently there was a Senate debate last night...

I wasn't able to watch it, but there's a flurry of coverage, especially since it appears that both candidates got feisty and thus brought some excitement to the event. Here are some highlights from around the nets:
  • Inquirer gives a general summary of the jabs and dodges.

  • Here's a link to video from the debate.

  • John Baer gives his take, including the way that both candidates ran shipshod over their agreed debate rules, in their efforts to trash one another.

  • Ferrick adds his two cents, voicing the opinion that Santorum had to come out slugging to revive his slumping reelection campaign, but it is unlikely to be enough.

  • Pennsyltucky Politics describes a debate turned gutter fight. [They also note that it will be rebroadcast today on PCN.]
No idea how many voters were swayed toward one man or the other (expect a deluge of weekend polling trying to answer that question), but it's sure to spark new interest in their two debate appearances on Monday . . .


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