Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rally round-up

handgunYesterday featured a couple-dozen buses headed from Philly to Harrisburg, spearheaded by Mayor Street and the coalition Pennsylvanians Against Trafficking Handguns. Here's a round-up of coverage of the event. (Note that PATH hasn't updated their home page yet.)
  • Ferrick estimates 2000 in attendance, two-dozen speakers, and no legislators listening, as they were debating legislation indoors. Nice touch: a half-dozen other regional mayors showing their support for the cause.

  • An overview of proceedings inside the legislature includes observations that the one-gun-per-month bill was never discussed, and that, in contrast, a measure to widen "shoot first, ask questions later" rights was given a thumbs-up.

  • Gun owners were also out in force to argue their case for an armed citizenry. Many disparaging things said about Philadelphians along the way here, from their parenting skills to their "catch and release" legal system...

  • John Baer looks specifically at the Philadelphia-Harrisburg divide, quoting legislative leaders defiant on the issue of gun regulation. (Similar sentiments in graphical form via Auth here.)

  • Jill Porter thinks we've reached the "tipping point" on this issue, and that legislators will have to take action soon or see retribution at the polls.


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